Stefan Maetschke

Hi, there! I am a computer guy by education and inclination. I enjoy writing concise and efficient - or in other words - beautiful code ;-) I did my masters at the University of applied Computer Science in Wuerzburg, Germany and worked for ten years in Research and Development at Siemens in Nuernberg and Erlangen, Germany.

My focus at that time was on robotics, signal processing and machine learning methods applied to problems in the automation industry. Following that, I moved on to a small company in Germany and was developing software for speech processing and data mining when a friend persuaded me to move to Australia.

I made the big jump to the other side of the world, did my PhD at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, and worked as a Computational Biologist (with a big 'C' and a small 'b' I have to admit) at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience in Brisbane.

After 2.5 years, as a member of the StreetView team at Google in California, I returned to Australia to take on a position at IBM Research in Melbourne to develop novel algorithms in health care.

In my spare time, I either practice various types of martial arts (www.budopoint.de), try to improve my Latin dancing or enjoy some recreational coding (zibble, beagle, ceye, infinity)

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